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Recognizing the fact that one size, out-of-the box software are not always the best solution for your needs, we have developed an integrated approach that uses industry-standard software tools that are customized to work together with your current systems.

We develop SQLServer, MS-Access, ASP, Visual Basic and Oracle applications. Depending upon our customer's needs, we also integrate our custom applications with other technologies like QuickBooks, PeachTree, MAS90, PDA's, card scanners and more.

Snapshot of some of our customized applications
JobLinksCustomer and Lead/Job Data Management System
Faced with a multitude of software for estimating jobs and tracking the accounting data, B.R. Kreider & Sons, Inc. requested us to develop a CRM system that manages customer, contact, leads and job, to do list and contact log information that also ties into their accounting system, Maxwell. Using our custom CRM solution JobLinks, they have automated several project management functions as well.

PolicyLinks - Customer and Policy Data Management System
For an insurance company that manages medical, dental and other benefit policies for several hundred customers, PICSol developed a comprehensive customer, contact, task and policy management system. The system enables our client to efficiently track correspondence with customers and insurance carriers while staying on top of various policy-related renewals and proposals. Interface with Microsoft Outlook provides an easy calendar management system to the users.

MetalLinksCustomer and Order Data Management System
PICSol has developed a simple yet comprehensive ERP system for Kuhl Metals in New Jersey. The system enables customer, contact, to do list and contact log tracking for the sales team. The shipping department utilizes the bar code and label generation system to ship customer orders and tag incoming loads of aluminum, copper, brass and bronze and efficient order, invoicing and accounting interfaces provide fast, cost-effective tools  for the accounting department.

FireLinksCustomer, Parts and Service Data Management System
Glick Fire Equipment in Bird-In-Hand uses our custom ERP system, FireLinks to manage all their customer, contact, task and order information. They track both sales and purchase orders, work orders for their service department and inventory data using our system. Automatic generation of purchase orders from sales orders, interface with Peachtree accounting and a time card system that ties into the work orders simplifies several tough data management functions.

For more information on some of the other applications we have developed go to: Quick Briefs

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